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Isabelle Ciaravola: Principal dancer of the "Opera de Paris" / advanced Ballet, directory

Mikal Mardas: Modern jazz musical, intermediate and advanced

Petros Kouroupakis: Pilates

Florence Faure: Ballet, intermediate variation

Thierry Deballe: Ballet intermediate and beginnners

Chryss M’Ronn: African dance

Internship for the pupils from 12 years

Day courses for all the pupils from 8 years

Courses can be chosen

Internship :

The pupils are accommodated in Christophe Chappuis's vineyard in the middle of the vineyards of Lavaux classified UNESCO world heritage in a magnificent building vine grower with garden and view on the Lake "Léman".

The site consists of two dormitories being able to welcome 16 pupils, of two rooms of shower and toilet and an immense dining hall. The pupils are supervised during their stay, 24 hours a day. The Chappuis family lives on the site and a supervisor sleeps in the dormitory.

The breakfast and the dinner are served on the spot. The transport of the pupils from the domain Chappuis to the dance school is assured in the morning and evening.

Dancing lessons take place on the site of, rue des Bosquets 33 in Vevey, in 3 studios. The catering service at noon is on the site of the studios.

Day school:

The pupils following the complete workshop can join for the catering service of noon. Beginning of the courses on Monday the 4th in the morning.

Possibility for the internal to arrive on Sundays evenings before 6:30 pm.



Courses + Accommodation 6 nights, breakfasts + 5 days meals: CHF 950.-


1 course / day: CHF 130.-

2 course / day : CHF 240.-

3 course / day : CHF 350.-

Unlimited courses : CHF 500.-

5 days meal (reservation is obligatory) : CHF 75.-

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The invited professors

Internship: Christophe Chappuis's vineyard

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